Increase Your Sales Team Performance with a Coaching Feedback Worksheet

Awareness is the first step!


Coaching is powerful and a great way to get your team thinking of their own solutions within a time-frame through powerful questioning & way forward thinking. This is driven by the one who is being coached. They decide what to discuss,  generate their own solutions, commit to an action plan, and show their results with accountability.

The coach helps the one who receives coaching to have a better structure in thinking, this is done possible by asking powerful questions, actively listening, suggesting after seeking permission and by sometimes have a direct conversation. This structure helps in gain awareness, clarity, making the right choice, moving to action and committing to results.

FUEL Model of Coaching

This framework model was developed by John Zenger and Kathleen Stinnett which later was published as book named – ‘The Extraordinary Coach – How the best leaders help others grow’. This model is powerful as it deals with each aspect with lot of detailing.

FUEL stands for

  1. Frame the Conversation
  2. Understand the Current State
  3. Explore the Desired State
  4. Lay out a Success Plan

I have attached a great sales call feedback form to use with your sales reps.

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