Clients Success

$1m to $10m in three years

High Conversion Rate

High Staff Retention Rate


Pedley’s was founded in 1979 by Joe Pedley as an electrical services company, with only $1.5m annual turnover in 2016 Pedley’s had no sales representatives. Pedleys now primarly installs solar panels on a day to day basis. In a highly competitive cut throat solar industry, Pedley’s is on the cusp of collapsing without a sales team and proper process in place. 


  • Build a sales team from the ground up
  • Develop a complete end to end sales process
  • Develop Coaching, recruitment and training plans
  • Ensure a continued high conversation rate and low CPA.

The Strategy

Build a high performing sales team and sales process from the ground up

The Result

  1. Team of 15 sales Agents
  2. Conversion rates up to 40%
  3. Annual Turnover increased from $1.5 Million to $10 Million

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