12 Qualifying Questions – You should be asking EVERYONE

In the world of sales, time is your most valuable asset… How do you save time?

We all know how frustrating it is to waste time with a lead that never seriously considered buying from you in the first place. That’s where sales qualification comes in.

In fact, 22% of sales reps say that qualifying is the most challenging part of the sales process

12 Qualifying Questions – You should be asking EVERYONE you meet.

1.  What problem are you trying to fix?

2.  Why are you looking for a solution now?

3.  Have you tried to address this problem before?

4.  Who is involved in the decision-making process?

5.  Do the other stakeholders have any concerns?

6.  What does your ideal timeline look like?

7.  Do you have a budget allocated for this project?

8.    How much have you spent on similar solutions?

9.    Who is responsible for overseeing the budget?

10. Are you looking at any other solutions?

11. Are there any potential roadblocks that could halt this deal?

12. Based on our conversation, how do you feel about our solution?

From here, you can end the qualifying call by scheduling a follow-up or confirming when you will be in contact again. Make sure you and the prospect both know what the next step is before you hang up the phone.

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