What is usual business?

Companies are abandoning “business as usual” ?

If you are not setting clear KPIs, maintaining the culture, sharing accountability and establishing clear channels of communication with consistent schedules, use of CRM and automation then you are behind the game.

The future of sales is remote. Even before COVID sales teams had already begun to transition to remote work across industries, and around the globe. Now remote selling is here to stay.

Every aspect of your sales operations will need to become more digital in order to stay relevant and reduce costs.

Managers will need to learn how to coach and manage remotely, sales team leaders will use new software to recruit and train new team members, and sales representatives will need to adapt to innovative sales technology in order to be in a position to drive future success.

Metrics for successful sales teams

1. Call Volume
2. Revenue Generation
3. Prospecting Methods
4. Lead Gen
5. Time Management

Sales Process Improvement with CRM, training and coaching can add over 100% increases in productivity.

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