Sales Process vs Sales Methods

It’s very important to understand the difference between a sales process and sales methods. But what are they and why is it important?

A sales process, as we reviewed above, is a concrete set of actions your sales team follows to close a new customer.

A sales methodology is the framework for how your sales process is to be carried out and how it will help your business grow.

Here’s a diagram to help you visualize this: care of hubspot

Think of your sales process as the high-level map of the steps your team takes, while your sales methodologies are the different ways your team can approach the sales process.

1. Challenger Sales Methodology

2. Solution Selling

3. Sandler Sales Methodology

4. Consultative Selling

5. Inbound Selling

How to Improve Your Sales Process

  1. Analyse your current sales process.
  2. Lay out the buyer’s journey for your target persona.
  3. Define the prospect action that moves them to the next stage.
  4. Define exit criteria for each step of the sales process.
  5. Measure your sales process results.

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