The Four Types Of Questions That Allow You To Solve Problems

It’s no doubt sales is all about solving a specific problem and having to convince someone that their solution is the best fit. Also at the same time the age old saying saying that people buy from people they like is also true. There are plenty of names for this part of a sales process. The question time, probing, discovery or fact finding time. If you are not doing this then you will never move the ball forward on any sale.

Non experienced salespeople or business owners are notorius for asking obvious, ignorant and off target questions. So how do you break down what questions to ask to make the sale?

To get to this position if you have listened to my previous video I explain how to go from a stranger or random to a lead or qualified lead. Then the next step is to have a more meaningful deeper conversation.

There are four types of questions we can ask during this time
1. Personal questions
2. Strategic and directional questions
3. Specific issue and opportunity questions
4. Sales process questions

Personal are obviously questions that build rapport, create common ground and relatibility or likeability.

Strategic and directional can be found in the precall or prospecting stage where you would qualify someone of the basic must haves before going into a deeper conversation. Questions about the macro space of their business, market comparisionms, are they expanding, maintaining or contracting, do they have big targets? This could be public knowledge

The most important types of questions are issue and opportunity questions this paints a big picture. the best way to make your own questions is to use these examples and put your pain and opportunity points in them.
How are you going to handle Pain 1/2/3?
What is your experience with Opportunity 1/2/3?
What has worked and what hasnt with Opportunity 1/2/3?
If Pain isnt address whats the impact?
Tell me about the opportunity and how you expect to achieve it?

Make sure your circling around these questions back and forth for each pain and opportunity point for the customer.
Take notes and find the triggers that put your solution as an outcome for them.

Lastly are sales process questions which help us gather information to advance the sale to the next steps of the sales process. Decision makers, Timelines, Dollars and Urgency, Alternate options and competition.

These can also be called trial closing questions, testing the waters on how they feel with the solution being put in their lap.

Now it’s time to plan or prepare a solution presentation and proposal.

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