Prospect and Create Awareness The Right Way

Sick of those spamming or self promoting emails, message or dms but still want to create awareness in the first message?

Here are five outreach tips for Linkedin, email or direct messages.

1. Personalise. Reference a specific problem that the prospect is encountering with a specific solution.

2. Stay relevant and timely, ensure the issue a prospect is trying to solve is still relevant to him or her and their team.

3. Be human. No one likes to communicate with a professional robot. Adding in details like wishing someone a happy holiday weekend or by conveying how awesome their company’s product is are real touches that allow us to establish a connection on a deeper level.

4. Help, don’t sell. Provide value and ask for nothing in return. This process isn’t about us, it’s about THEM. For example, instead of scheduling a follow-up meeting, we could offer to conduct an audit on their digital media presence and get back to them with our findings in a week.

5. Keep it casual. Remember that this is just a conversation. Stay natural and don’t beat your own chest. The key to prospecting is that we’re never selling. We’re simply determining if both parties could mutually benefit from a relationship.

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