How to turn a stranger into a lead!

The Prospecting Conversation can be done cold, or warm and if we decide to call a prospect, whether in conjunction with an email or not, we can follow this basic structure.

Establish rapport: We shouldn’t shy away from personal conversations, like asking how a prospect’s weekend was or what team they’re rooting for in the game tonight.

Leverage pain points: Dive into their pain points during the call. By the end of the conversation, we should know all of their primary business challenges and the underlying causes associated with them. Once we have an understanding of these key issues, we can better position our product or services to solve them.

Create curiosity: Ask questions about their business. Ask more than tell. This conversation is about them and understanding their needs and problems. The less we talk about our business and product, the more our prospect will be interested to hear the final pitch.

Wrap it up: Find a calendar time between 24-48 hours after discovery call to book a follow-up meeting.

Iterate: Keep notes throughout this process to assess what activities generated value for the prospecting process and which wasted time.

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