The Crucial Question: How do you make sure the sales teams keep using the training they’ve been taught in their day-to-day role? 

Seven hours is all it takes to forget everything you learnt in one day. That’s why ongoing coaching and training is so important in every part of an organisation – not just in sales. Have you ever picked up golf clubs after a long time off the field and noticed a big change in your accuracy? Training can be difficult to utilise, which is where a coach comes in.

Kelly Slater surfs all day, every day. 

Train! Drill! Rehearse! Everyday. No one has ever become highly successful by themselves and it takes more than one person to run most companies. A company is literally defined by the dictionary as: ‘to associate with’. Coaches allow the brain to absorb useful information, provide accountability, and align your training to your purpose to become excellent in anything you choose to do.

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